Typical Church Build

The following pictures and captions explain how we were involved with building a church for the Miskito Indians living on the Coco river in Nicaragua.    The mission teams spend many hours in long dug out canoes to get to this site.

The lumber for these churches must be cut from trees harvested from the local forest.  Previous mission teams have brought in a portable lumber mill and prepared the lumber for this project.

The concrete blocks are made using wooden forms.  The concrete mix and gravel are transported to the site by boat.  Here, local men provide labor to mix the concrete.

Here the mission team cuts the lumber for the framing.

The lumber is very green and full of water which adds much weight.  The mission team appreciates the help from the locals.

The trusses are made from scratch and then lifted into place.

This crew installs the wood that will support the metal roof.

  The siding goes on next.

As the Cross is put in place, a stream of light comes from Heaven.

Doors and windows are constructed and the church is weather tight.

The locals gather for the first worship service in their new church. Hallelujah! Praise God!