Restore Hope


Frederica Baptist Church has been very involved with sending mission teams to Nicaragua over the last 13 years in cooperation with the Miskito Missions Network.
Miskito Missions Network under the leadership of Jim and Viola Palmer has been very focused on bringing the gospel to the Miskito region of the Coco River area near Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua.  God has made great progress using mission teams from many US churches to plant over 200 churches and recruit and train hundreds of pastors in this area.  This involved building churches, pastor’s homes, women’s shelters, training sites, repairing roads, building and repairing food storage facilities and much more.

The Nicaragua Baptist Convention and the Miskito pastor/leaders are taking a more active role in the direction of the work in Puerto Cabezas and Coco River.  Therefore, the Miskito Missions Network is now partnering under a larger mission network called Restore Hope . This move will give them a stronger administrative base and broader ministry focus.  After December 31 they will be called Restore Hope Nicaragua.
The mining region and the Mayangna people are considered the least evangelized region of the country and maybe even all of Central America.  A new compound is under construction in Rosita, Nicaragua which a central location in the mining region.  The new compound in Rosita will be the base headquarters for that region to house the Missionary family and provide housing for visiting mission teams, storage of equipment and materials for planting and constructing new churches and pastor’s homes and training space for new pastors.
Loyd and Alma Miguel were on staff with Miskito Missions Network and are now on staff with Restore Hope.  Loyd and Alma and their daughter Lya have already moved to Rosita to set up a permanent home in the compound and base of operations.  Several partnership teams have already come to help build a missionary house, storage facilities and a bunk house.  A new church has already been planted in Rosita. God is working in their midst.  But they still need your support and prayers.