Mission and Vision Statement


The mission of our church is to lead people to a life-changing
encounter with Jesus Christ so they may become like him.


So that we and those to whom we minister may become like Jesus Christ, we envision:
...coming to our family of faith a constant stream of persons seeking the presence of God in their lives;
...sharing the Gospel with every person and family;
...our family of faith growing, exponentially, as unsaved persons accept Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, and saved persons choose to serve God as members of our fellowship;
...a church which emphasizes the spiritual discipline of prayer in every aspect of its congregational life and the personal lives of its members;
...a four-fold ministry which gives equal emphasis to evangelism, missions, Christian education and Christian nurture and care;
...a comprehensive life-long program of Bible study for all ages, to include specialized Biblical, theological, practical and family enrichment opportunities for training and education;
...providing programs of ministry designed, specifically, to meet the changing social, physical, emotional and spiritual needs of all of the people; 
...a family of faith in which every person will experience, fully, the love and acceptance of their brothers and sisters in Christ;
...a fellowship so bonded in the love of Christ that neither race, gender, color, nationality, social standing, physical, emotional or mental disabilities, financial well-being, political persuasion or affiliation, nor any other circumstances of life shall impair its unity;
...a fellowship in which every member, as a minimum, tithes their time, talents and treasures in the service of God;
...obtaining sufficient land in the north end of St. Simons Island on which to build a ministry complex that will remain adequate to the future expansion and changing needs of our diverse community, and
...ultimately, a fellowship in which every person identifies and fulfills the special ministry God has intended for his or her life.