Frederica Baptist church has a very active missions-minded congregation. In addition to participating in the Southern Baptist Convention's Cooperative Program which funds the International Mission Board, we are blessed with a number of individuals who personally participate in international mission trips across the globe. 

Lisa Warren, Stacey Warren, Trey Simpson from our church along with Johnny Shiver a member of Central Baptist Church in Americus, GA. on their way to Honduras to build a pastor's home.



"Building new churches and pastor's homes."

Road Building and Repair

Repairing and building roads that increase the ability to find work and bring in supplies and equipment.

Typical road conditions

"Passable roads are crucial for people to access much-needed food, supplies and equipment. Quality roads are essential for many of the natives who must travel to other areas for work and education." 


New church in nicaragua

"We have helped build churches, pastors' homes, women’s shelters, barns, storage buildings and other structures..."  Our team members have built new furniture and repaired old furniture for churches. 

showing the jesus film in rain forest

When our teams are not building, they are involved with evangelizing with the natives.  The “Jesus Film” has been made using the Miskito language.  We carried it into the rain forest with generators and portable screens to give them the gospel story.


When the team women are not preparing food, they share the love of Jesus with the children and women in the area.


A Mission Team member's first impressions

A vivid explanation of Waspam, Nicaragua on a typical morning.

One member of our church has been inspirational and a driving force in leading us to reach lost souls on the mission field.  Barlow “Frank” Mead was dedicated to fulfilling the Great Commission.  Click here for his life’s story.