Capital Building Fund

Capital Fund

Capital projects (such as new construction, renovation, relocation, furniture and equipment) requires fund raising.  Capital Funds are used for large, one time projects that benefit the witness and support of worshiping and glorifying our Lord and Savior.  These funds are solicited from church members above and beyond their gifts to the General Fund.

To help communicate the need, the Capital Building Fund may be referred to as "BuilTogether". All funds given to the Capital Building Fund will be used only for capital items.  If more money is collected than is needed for a project, (such as BuilTogether), the surplus will be used for the next phase of the capital fund.

What is a Church Capital Campaign?

A church capital campaign is a carefully choreographed spiritual endeavor that produces financial fruit through a dedicated offering above and beyond the current tithes and offerings. A professionally facilitated church capital campaign will typically raise between one and three times the church’s current annual income over a traditional 3-year giving period. A capital campaign is an important part of every church’s financial strategy, whether it is looking to raise money for construction or to retire debt.

A biblical capital campaign will Honor God and respect your congregation. A proper church capital campaign will first bear spiritual fruit that leads to increased giving of the members’ time, treasure and talents in supporting the church’s vision and mission.