Designated Funds

Designated funds are established as necessary.  These funds represent projects, missions or efforts that church members give money for because they have a passion for what they represent.  Once these donations have been received and assigned to the appropriate fund, they cannot be used for any other purpose unless the church membership votes to use them in a different manner.

Designated Funds Listing

capital building fund     Link
Debt Reduction
These funds go toward reducing the mortgage loan principal.

These are specific gifts given in memory of or to honor loved ones or friends. 


These funds are available to the Missions Committee to distribute to missions related functions and organizations.  Some of the funds are used to help children and youth attend Mission Fuge or other mission related programs. Some of the funds go to our Missions Team that goes to Nicaragua, Honduras or other mission related trips. 

senior Adults

These funds are available to the Senior Adults Committee to use for promotion of activities for our Senior Adult Members.


Inside Out is a children's program conducted at Frederica Baptist Church on Wednesday evenings.  These funds are to help with materials and supplies.


These funds are available to the Youth Committee to use to assist youth that want to go on activities and do not have the means to pay.  The funds also cover materials and supplied used for Youth activities.