Confession of Faith& Covenant

[Adopted 1/12/03]
I believe that through the life, death and resurrection of the only begotten Son of God, Jesus Christ, the Eternal Creator acted to save me from the just punishment I deserve for my sins. I believe Almighty God calls me to live my life in the likeness of my Savior and Lord, Jesus: loving as He loves, forgiving as He forgives, and obeying God’s will even as He obeys the will of God. I believe that Jesus Christ established the church for the dual purposes of proclaiming the salvation provided by God and, as well, for my spiritual, moral and ethical development. I believe Jesus commands me to witness to what God has done, first within my community and, then, throughout the world. Believing these things, I make this covenant with those who believe as I do:
1. I do commit myself, fully and without reservation, to obeying the will of God in every aspect of my life;
2. I will serve God, faithfully, inside and outside the church, to ensure the proclamation of the Gospel and the spiritual, moral and ethical well-being of all with whom I have contact;
3. I will practice the Biblical principle of stewardship and dedicate my talents and capabilities, my time, and my wealth to the service of God, striving to fulfill whatever is asked of me, for the sake of Christ;
4. I will love and treat all persons as my brothers and sisters, in Christ, without regard to status, race, age, gender, disability, nationality, education, or any other such distinctions;
5. I will be diligent in my study of God’s Word and determined in the application of its teachings to my life;
6. I will pray, constantly, for the intercession of God in the lives of others, for the salvation of all of God’s people, for the leadership of God in the lives of those in authority, for peace in our world, security within our nation, and my own spiritual well-being;
7. I will remain aware that my body is the temple of God and will be zealous in my efforts to ensure it is never desecrated by the sins of immorality, intemperance, or the inappropriate or illegal use of any substance;
8. I will practice the presence of Christ in my life by striving to love as He loves, by being slow to anger, quick to ask for forgiveness and to forgive, and by always seeking to initiate reconciliation;
9. I will strive by thought, word, and deed, to make my living a constant act of worship, at home, in church, and in my business and recreational practices;
10. I will seek to live a joyful and hopeful life, responsive to the leadership of God and prepared to serve Christ in whatever manner He requests.
11. With the help of God and the support of my brothers and sisters in Frederica Baptist Church, I shall keep this covenant, faithfully! Amen!